About Crafty


What is Crafty

Crafty is a free to use Discord bot that focusses on the game Minecraft. Using Crafty you can do the following; View player’s in-game skins, request JAVA and BEDROCK edition servers, find username history, find Hypixel player information along with players on HiveMC and WynnCraft, play trivia and much more!

About Crafty

Crafty is currently being developed by a team of two, Tj#0215 & Chinese_Marc#5516. Crafty was publicly released in April of 2018 and has received regular updated ever since. The community is growing extremely fast, Crafty is connected to over 4,000 Discord servers and over 500,000 users.

Why Choose Crafty

Crafty is online 99.99% of the time and is hosted on a high-performance VPS. You can rely on Crafty to serve you and your server members with 100% efficiency.

Join our Discord

If you require assistance with Crafty you can get help over on our Discord server. On our Discord server you can also meet the community, talk with the developers behind Crafty and test out Crafty as much as you like.



Commands MUST start with the prefix of /. EG: /quiz


Command Description Usage
/profile View a players Minecraft UUID, Username history and skin. /profile [Minecraft username / UUID]
/nameHistory View a players full Minecraft username history. /nameHistory [Minecraft username / UUID]
/checkName Check weather a username is currently in use. /checkName [Minecraft username]
/uuid Get a players UUID. /uuid [Minecraft username]
/server Request a JAVA Minecraft server for information such as online player count, MOTD and more. /server [Minecraft server address]
/serverPE equest a BEDROCK Minecraft server for information such as online player count, MOTD and more. /serverPE [Minecraft server address]
/topServers View the top 10 Java Minecraft servers ranked by player count. /topServers
/status Get information about Minecraft's services. /status
/version View all of Minecraft Java edition versions or a specific version. /version [Minecraft version]
/latestVersion View the latest version or snapshot within the Minecraft Java launcher. /latestVersion
/colors View all the text colors in Minecraft. /colors
/news See the latest post on Minecraft.net. /news [current, recent, news, insider, culture, merch]

Servers - new

Command Description Usage
/hypixel View a Hypixel player information such as Guild information, Parkour stats, network exp and more. /hypixel [Minecraft username / UUID]
/hypixelStats View a Hypixel player gamemode statistics. /hypixelStats [Minecraft username / UUID] [gamemode]
/hypixelBoosters Display the current active boosters on the Hypixel network. /hypixelBoosters
/hypixelWDS Display Hypixel Watchdog statistics. /hypixelWDS
/hiveMC Display information about a HiveMC player. /hiveMC [Minecraft username / UUID]
/wynncraft Display information about a WynnCraft player. /wynncraft [Minecraft username / UUID]


Command Description Usage
/render Render a player's in-game Minecraft skin with 6 possible options. /render [Minecraft username / UUID]
/achievement Create a custom Minecraft achievement. /achievement [text]
/rcolor A random Minecraft color. /rcolor
/serverbanner Create a custom banner for any JAVA Minecraft server. /hypixelWDS


Command Description Usage
/quiz Quiz yourself on everything Minecraft. You can compete with just yourself or other server members. /quiz [Quiz type]
/pvp Fight people inside of Discord. /pvp
/kill Kill someone. /kill
/fact Read a random fact from Minecraft. /fact
/rps Rock paper scissors with a Minecraft twist. /rps


Command Description Usage
/help View all commands Crafty has to offer. /help [command / category]
/invite Shows the link to add Crafty to a Discord server /invite
/patreon Link to the patron page to support the developers. /patreon
/stats Get statistics about Crafty. /stats
/aliases See all the command aliases. /aliases
/support A invite link to the support Discord server. /support
/whatsnew See the newest updates to Crafty. /whatsnew

Meet The Team

Without these people, Crafty would not be possible. These people are the support structure of Crafty.


Lead developer and owner of Crafty




Systems Admin